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The AMOC is one of the oldest one-make car clubs and one of the largest with world-wide membership.

It was the late Mortimer Morris-Goodall who started it all. Having been fired with enthusiasm by an International bought when ‘a brash lad of some 20 summers’ and by his first meeting with ‘Bert Bertelli shortly after, his success led to the purchase of the team car LM7 and an invitation to drive “under works control” at Le Mans in 1933. His reverence for “Bert and his Astons” prompted the thought that almost everyone else who had the good fortune or sense to own an Aston felt the same and “how nice it would be to meet some of these people.

S.C.H. (Sammy) Davis agreed that an Aston Martins Owners Club would be a good idea and inserted a note in the Autocar (of which he was Sports Editor) of 3rd and 17th May, 1935 calling a meeting. The 20 or 30 people who turned up on 25th May also agreed and elected a committee.

The Club’s activities, mostly social, including an annual dinner-dance at the Park Lane Hotel, London were brought to a close by the Second World War, but the process started again at meeting on 5th March 1948.

Although the pre-war archives have been lost, the present rules are believed to enshrine the same principles as those drafted in 1935. The Memorandum of Association provides, inter alia, that the Club is established to “promote the sport and pastime of motoring” “develop interest in the Aston Martin Car” and “encourage social intercourse between Members”. Worldwide, the Club is represented on most continents, with thriving sections in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and the USA. Other countries have smaller representations which are no less enthusiastic.

The Club in South Australia is an ‘area’ of the International Club headquartered in the UK, and is led by an area representative and assistants, along with a committee of local members. We organize monthly dinner meetings, conduct drives throughout the year and occasional weekend trips to places of interest in the country. We offer a terrific source of information, friendship and advice on all things Aston Martin.

Our membership is inclusive of all types of Aston Martins and the advent of the newer cars has seen membership increase significantly in recent times, bringing a new sense of spirit and enthusiasm to our local club.


The iconic marque of Aston Martin was founded by Lionel Martin 100 years ago. This was the time a great many automobile manufactures were striving to build the very best quality cars, sadly a great many fell by the roadside! Somehow Aston Martin which took part of its name from the Aston Clinton hill climb and the founders name, survived. Despite having the backing of many wealthy investors, the company history shows many financial close calls. The small firm was the first British manufacturer to win the prestigious World sports car championship, winning LeMans in 1959 in the process. Despite all this success and James Bond driving one, the company did not make a profit until the era of Victor Gauntlet, he was a business man and wanted to rescue the company and was able to make Aston Martin profitable.

As the end of the century loomed, the coach built cars that took four months to build were becoming extremely expensive. This type of construction was fine when labor was cheap, but combined with stricter legislation manufacturing motor cars, especially by enthusiastic individuals, became more and more complicated.

In the late eighties the Ford motor company took a controlling interest in Aston Martin and things changed forever for the marquee. A more streamlined way of manufacturing was introduced and Fords other purchase, Jaguar led to a more integrated approach to models and design.

More recently a new purpose built factory was built at Gaydon and the old Tickford Coachworks at Newport Pagnell was demolished. Works service still remains in Tickford Street, with a new showroom being built where the old trim shop stood for years.

Since the launch of the DB7 in 1994, and the introduction of a range of modern cars, Aston Martin has become one of the most revered manufactures in the World, gaining more supporters along the way, in turn bringing many new and enthusiastic members to the Aston Martin Owners Club (AMOC).

Aston Martin Lagonda (AML) is a strong supporter of the Club’s activities and objectives. As a result there are often opportunities to participate in activities with AML and at the factory, not generally available to persons other than Club members – something to definitely be kept in mind when planning your next UK visit.

We currently have one of the Australian Area Representatives as an international member of the Club Committee of Management in the UK and he is also a director of AMOC Ltd (UK). Through this role acting in a conduit between the State Areas and AMOC Headquarters we are able to secure significant funding for various Australian activities such as the Bi-Annual National Meeting.

Members also become supporters of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust, an organisation that has been set up to provide a home for the increasing amount of archival information about the brand, act as custodian for many items that belonged to the club and AML, and is a ready resource for researchers into the history of this important motor car marque. The AMHT produces a high quality annual publication “Aston” which is sent to all members and has become quite a collector’s item.

Remember you don’t need to be an owner to join - we welcome anyone with a keen interest in Aston Martins.

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