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Run through the Hills to Verdun, March 1st 2022

It was a lovely, warm Autumnal evening when members of the South Australian Area of the AMOC met for the first event of 2022 on St David’s Day, March 1st.

Area Rep Terry Jones had organised a mid-week, evening run as he had in the previous years and though the drives have been subtly different, the dinner destination, the Stanley Bridge Tavern in Verdun has been constant. We met at Tregarthen Rd that Assistant Area Rep, Terry Holt was happy with since he lives just a stone’s throw away. Others who gathered were less pleased as driving through the suburbs to reach the starting place was slow and frustrating.

Terry welcomed everyone and handed out run sheets that took us through Summertown and onto one of Terry’s favourite roads, Tanhamera Rd. Terry warned members of the right angled turn at the bottom and large gum trees in the middle of the road shortly after. The run was almost 80kilometers long and was expected to take approximately 1h.

Members started their cars and headed off with Terry J bringing up the rear. The drive was well received and we had many vistas of the apple orchards that were heavy with their crop and neat vineyards along the way. We did encounter one speed trap but members were confident they were within the speed limit and will not be receiving unwelcome letters in the mail in the coming days.

Terry had specifically arranged for outdoor eating to reduce the risk of COVID infection and the evening coolness made for perfect conditions. Even the mosquitoes stayed away and we were able to enjoy the food, wine and conversation. This year, the Tavern decided we could not pay individually and so Terry paid the bill and members had to reimburse him in cash. No-one baulked at this and all brought cash to pay Terry and it ran smoothly.

The car park had been improved since we last visited and the additional lights allowed a few photos of our cars under lights – perhaps the first time we have had photographs after dark.


A lovely sight of our cars parked in Stanley Bridge Tavern
Cars parked while owners enjoy good food, wine and company









Terry addressed the group and encouraged them to consider attending the Nationals that are being held in April/May in Healsville, Victoria. This event was supposed to be held in 2000 but has been delayed twice due to COVID and the Vics had had several cancellations since. He also advised that 2022 was the centenary of the first time an Aston Martin had entered Grand Prix racing – that being the French Grand Prix held in July 1922. He advised that it appeared that no-one else had noticed this anniversary, just like no-one else had noted the 75th anniversary of the famous 3-line advert in the Times that resulted in David Brown buying Aston Martin. We South Australian members had celebrated that event and Terry advised we would also be celebrating this event. He advised he was hoping to hold the Stately Affair (that was cancelled last October due to COVID) in July this year to enable Victorian members to attend the celebration and he was also hoping we would be able to drive the 1939 Australian Grand Prix circuit in 1939 – this circuit being in Lobethal!

Several members advised Terry they had enjoyed the run and we drove home happy shortly after 9pm.



Cars parked in Stanley Bridge car park
Cars lined up in well lit carpark


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