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Celebration of latest Bond movie, No Time To Die

Area Rep Terry Jones had advised members on a few occasions before the movie launch that he was discussing with the SA distributors of Aston Martin, Solitaire Motors, the possibility of a sponsored, combined event to celebrate the long-overdue launch of the last Bond movie starring Daniel Craig. Unfortunately, nothing eventuated from Solitaire, apparently because Aston Martin were not the ‘official’ sponsors of the movie – this was the province of Land-Rover/Jaguar!

Because this information was only provided a few days before the launch date (November 11th), this made the likelihood of arranging an event on the day of the  launch impossible.

AMOC members are a resourceful lot however and Assistant Area Rep, Terry H stepped up.  In in his capacity as Chairman of the local Bentley Drivers Club, he arranged a joint viewing of the movie at the Wallis Cinema, Mitcham for November 18th. Terry also organised a black-tie dinner at the cinema to precede the movie.

Numbers were restricted and, in the end, some 50 members from both clubs attended and we enjoyed a good meal as well as a bottle of water and the classic cinema favourite, a chocolate coated ice-cream to enjoy during the film. With movie as well, the $59pp was very reasonable indeed.


Assistant Area Rep Terry H who organised the event
AMOC members enjoying dinner before the movie










The two Terrys discussed the plot at great length after the movie and both agreed it was not Daniel Craig’s finest Bond movie but nonetheless, both enjoyed the event greatly. This was the first time that four different Aston Martin models had been placed in the same Bond movie and both Terrys particularly enjoyed seeing the AMV8 Vantage again. The classic DB5 was there too, this time with mini Gatling machine guns behind the headlights – apparently there were two actual DB5s and eight replicas used to make the movie! The southern Italian town of Matera was one of the settings and, to overcome the slippery cobble-stoned streets, hundreds of litres of soft drink were poured onto the streets and when it dried, the sticky effect from the drying sugar allowed sufficient grip for the cars to ‘do their stuff’.

It was good that our members could come together to celebrate one of the most celebrated Aston Martin connections dating back to 1964 when the bullet-proof DB5 was driven by Sean Connery in Goldfinger. I suspect the James Bond connection is one of the more common reasons that ‘men of a certain age’ end up owning an Aston Martin – it was a factor in my ownership!

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Run, lunch and AGM at Saltram winery, Angaston

Report of AGM, run & lunch for AMOC SA December 12th 2021

On a warm Sunday morning, with the forecast maximum of a hot 35 degrees, 15members of the AMOC met at Hazelwood Park, the starting point for the 100km run organised by Area Rep, Terry Jones.

Terry advised we would be joined by 6 or more members along the route making a total of 23 members/guests who attended the final run for the year. He handed out the run sheets and cautioned members on 2 parts of the route, the first at the end of Deviation Rd where visibility was poor and the second where there were prospects of a radar trap. Terry thanked Chris for agreeing to act as traffic marshal at Deviation Rd to reduce the risk of accidents – this had been Chris’ initiative earlier in the year and it worked well.


Astons parked at Hazelwood Park awaiting start of run
More Astons looking respledent at Hazelwood Park









We set off at 10.30am and headed up Greenhill Rd on the twisty Hills roads that are lovely to drive, through Summertown and Uraidla before turning onto Deviation Rd. From there the route took us through Lobethal, Mount Pleasant and then via Eden Valley Rd through Eden Valley and past the world-famous Colin Hayes racing property as we neared Angaston.

Our lunch venue was on the outskirts of Angaston, at Salters Restaurant, where we had an old barrel cellar to ourselves with private parking under the shady old gum trees for our lovely cars.

Members enjoying good food, wine and conversation after the AGM was concluded in the cool wine cellar at Saltram
Cars parked under the shady gum trees at Saltram Winery











After the entrée had been devoured, Terry advised the group of the years’ events by way of the ‘Annual Report’ that was a requirement of the Area Rep and that was to be forwarded to the Australian Rep. He noted we had been fortunate to be able to have 11 ‘standard’ runs with lunch or dinner as well as a special event for the James Bond movie release and that our final meeting was an unusual one for us in that it was a ‘noggin n natter’ being held on Wednesday 15th. It was unusual in that we were being informed of the ‘goings-on’ at Newport Pagnell during the last 1960s by Alan Pearson who was a draughtsman there during the time the DB6 was being produced.

After this we enjoyed our main course and desserts and then Terry advised we needed to hold the AGM. He handed over to former Area Rep, Chris Barron who declared the Area Rep position vacant, advised there was only one nominee for the position, that being the incumbent and he called for a show of hands to confirm member’s approval of Terry’s nomination. There was a unanimous acceptance and applause as Terry was affirmed as the Area Rep for 2022. Chris and Assistant Area Rep Terry H both spontaneously addressed the group on the difficulties that had been faced during 2021 and they congratulated Terry J on how he had handled the issues on behalf of members.

Terry J thanked all members for the confidence they had shown in his leadership and he especially thanked Chris and Terry H for their support. He also paid special thanks to those members who had organised a run in 2021 and he hoped he could call on members similarly in 2022. He then advised that members should have received an email from the CoM in the UK advising the EGM, that was supposed to held in just a few hours’ time, had been deferred due to COVID concerns in the UK. Terry advised the consequences of this were potentially far-reaching and that he would keep members up-to-date with these. He advised that whatever format our Club would take in 2022, whether as part of the UK based club or in another guise, he was confident we would still have runs, lunches and events, and that we would continue to be able to enjoy our cars and each other’s company as we have done in 2021.

Conversation flowed freely and several Members bought bottles/cases of wine from the winery before wending their way back home.

Report of run and lunch November 2021

On an unseasonally wet, cold and windy November 14th, the South Australian area of the AMOC held their penultimate run & lunch for 2021.

The forecast had been poor for days before and was also poor for several days ahead with daily maxima in the teens when the average for November is in the mid 20s – strange weather indeed.

This did not deter the hardy 22 members and friends who braved the weather to meet at the Burnside Council Car Park at 10am. The run had been organised by members Harley and Annette who provided detailed run sheets. We were joined by member Matthew who advised he was currently ‘between Astons’, having sold the one he had owned and he was now looking for another. Unfortunately Matthew couldn’t join us for the run but he did introduce a friend, Phil who had recently purchased his first Aston Martin, a V8 N430. We were also joined by well known and respected DB7 owner, Trevor who was accompanied by his navigator, Alan, who had the distinction of previously working for Aston Martin at Newport Pagnell in the late 1960s!

We started our run at 10.30am, heading up Greenhill Rd and we were soon into the lovely Adelaide Hills, driving on twisting roads through Summerton and Uraidla and then onto Lenswood, Cudlee Creek and Williamstown before reaching our destination, Lyndoch. Our lunch destination was the Lord Lyndoch in the lovely Barossa Valley town of Lyndoch. The Hills were a lovely shade of green, perhaps not surprising given the recent rains and cool weather but the damage from the horrific fires that started near Cudlee Creek almost 2 years earlier were still very evident. We certainly have very varied weather in South Australia.

Our run was a little shorter than some and hence we arrived at our lunch venue a little earlier than usual but this gave us time enough to get seated, order our drinks and chat before lunch arrived.

Area Rep Terry Jones thanked Harley and Annette for organising the run & lunch and the group applauded their efforts – all agreed it was a good run and the lunch venue was very much ‘up to expectations’. Terry congratulated members for their hardiness as he and Harley suggested members could bring any ‘significant other’ they had in their garage but most drove their Astons! Terry welcomed visitor Phil to our group and he urged members to make him feel welcome. Phil advised he had been made most welcome already and that he intended to join the Club – this was warmly greeted by all.

Members and friends enjoying the food, wine (& beer) and conversation at the Lord Lyndoch restaurant
Assistant Area Rep, Terry Holt with visitors Alan, former Newport Pagnel employee and Phil, who advised he will join our Club asap

Terry went on to advise our final meet for the year was to be held on December 12th and the venue was to the Saltram winery – the venue we were supposed to enjoy at the Stately Affair that had to be cancelled due to COVID outbreak in Victoria. This meeting was to be our annual AGM and Terry advised he would be standing again for position of Area Rep at that meeting.

Terry also advised we should be soon receiving notification of an EGM that would afford us the opportunity to vote on the most significant changes to the AMOC Committee of Management in very many years. He encouraged all members to examine the detail and lodge their vote as the Club needed sound management desperately.

The final piece of business was the James Bond movie and dinner that Terry H had organised. The group were advised to get their menu selections into Terry H asap as he needed to advise the restaurant tomorrow. The dinner and movie was being held on Thursday the 18th and was a ‘black tie’ affair with a two course meal after which we will walk into the Wallis cinema and enjoy the movie that has already grossed over $700million!

The business over, we all enjoyed our food and wine for which the Barossa is justifiably famous. Terry H and Terry J, both drivers of 70s Astons made sure they chatted to Alan, former draughtsman at Aston Martin, who shared a few stories of his time working with David Brown and Tadek Marek. They both hope to have further opportunity to hear more of his time at the ‘spiritual home’ of Aston Martin.

After a very successful meeting, we all made our way home as the afternoon sun shone through the grey clouds.

75th anniversary of the Times advertisement for the High Class Motor Business

On October 1st 1946, a tiny, three line advertisement was posted in the Times newspaper, London.  It was headed ‘High Class Motor Business’ in the ‘For Sale’ section and this tiny advert changed the course of motoring history.

David Brown saw the ad and after a period of negotiation, he took ownership of the company in February 1947.  He invested a lot of money and energy into the company that could have become yet another British Car maker to ‘bite the dust’ in post war Britain.  Under his ownership, the company introduced new models, achieved significant racing success, especially at Le Mans in 1959, became James Bond’s favourite car and the initials DB became an integral part of the company’s car line-up.

It appears that the 75th anniversary of this sentinel event had been largely forgotten but South Australian Area Rep Terry Jones remembered.  He initially intended that the anniversary would be the focal point of the Opening Dinner for the Stately Affair that was planned for the October long weekend in the Barossa Valley.  Unfortunately, the event, that is an annual event held between South Australia and Victoria, had to be cancelled due to an outbreak of COVID-19 in Victoria.  It was too late to organise an alternative event and so he advised members they should celebrate the event in their own inimitable way and then take a photograph and provide a back story and enter it into a competition.  Terry  couldn’t decide between two entries and so both were declared equal winners.

Members Sally and Neville were presented with a framed copy of the page in the Times that contained the ad and members Andrew and Brenda were presented with a numbered bottle of limited edition Chardonnay that was made for Sir Stirling Moss by Tony Parkinson of Pennys Hill Winery.   Sally and Neville’s entry was of them holding a copy of the advertisement in front of their Aston Martin Vantage while Andrew and Brenda’s entry was of Grandad and Grandson looking in the engine bay of their Aston Martin vantage for any sign of ‘DB’ (see photos).

Area Rep, Terry presenting the numbered bottle of wine to Andrew and Brenda
Terry presenting a framed copy of the Times newspaper to member Sally for her entry









Members Sally and Neville with a copy of the advertisement that appeared in the Times on October 1st 1946 and their Aston Martin


Member Andrew with grandson searching in vain for a DB in their Vantage


Terry had an offering of his own that was not eligible for a prize due to him being the Area Rep and adjudicator.  Terry advised the assembled members at the October 24th run to the Pretoria Htel in Mannum that he had written a poem.  Terry cautioned members that this was his first poem and would likely be his last and members were generous in listening as he read it.  The poem appeared to be well received and most members actually applauded – see below for the poem.


Terry’s poem entitled ‘The three line advert that changed our lives’

On October the first in late 46

An ad appeared, it read like this

“High Class Motor Business” for sale

But of the marque, there was no detail


Many saw it and a few wrote in

The answer they got was ‘it’s ASTON MARTIN’

David Brown was but one, keen to see

A racer himself, he thought ‘It could be for me’


To Feltham he went to visit the factory

He thought the Atom, & staff most satisfactory

The engine was weak but he’d fix that later

By answering an ad in a later paper


But pay 30k? – not this man from up North

Huddersfield, where they know what money is worth

He offered twenty no more would he pay

His rivals vanished and Brown won the day


Brown set his sights on victory no less

In ‘59 at La Sarthe came his greatest success

The Ferrari’s broke down leaving Aston the prize

Shelby and Salvadori won Le Mans by miles


Aston was sold due to shortage of loot

The cars dropped ‘DB’ and bore ‘AM’ on their boot

DB was revived after two decades

By the new owner, Ford, thanks to Gauntlett and Hayes


Aged 89 in Monte, David Brown he did die

Went to the ‘High Class Motor Business’ lounge in the sky

But DB lives on in the names of our cars

Excepting the ones it doesn’t, of course


So DB describes our 2s to 11s

I suspect the Great Man himself admires them from heaven

He’s proud of the part he played in the story

Of James Bond, Will & Kate, and Le Mans glory


The High Class Motor Business goes on and on

Building cars in Wales, entering Formula One

Electric is next, not sure its for me

Without a V8 sounding ‘surly’


Seven decades later and the ad was forgot

Except those South Aussies, the colonial lot

They remembered the ad and raised a glass

And recalled those 3 lines from 75 years past

October 24th 2021 run & lunch report

On Sunday October 24th, 28 members and friends of the South Australian Area of the AMOC met at the Bridgewater Inn for the regular monthly run & lunch. The weather was fair with just a few drops of rain in the morning but periods of lovely sunshine increasing as the afternoon progressed. Several members took the opportunity to grab a coffee and/or toilet break from the Inn while others chatted and admired the assembled 14 cars.

Tom’s lovely Superlegera and other members Aston Martins at Bridgewater Inn
Ken’s gorgeous, fully restored DB4 and other members’ Aston Martins at Bridgewater Inn









The former Area Rep, Chris had organised the run with ‘ a twist’ – namely that he had chosen two runs – one shorter and the other longer so that those members who wanted to ‘stretch the legs’ of their cars, as well as those who were happy to ‘cruise’ along were both catered for.

At approximately 10.30, Area Rep, Terry Jones called the members to order and invited Chris to tell us about the run. In addition to the shorter and longer routes, Chris also advised there was a particularly nasty cross road where visibility was very restricted. Chris had arranged for Terry to act as ‘traffic cop’ at this intersection to ensure members did not come to grief. Chris also advised of a potential speed camera that he had noticed the previous week (well done Chris!).

Members set off with odometers zeroed for the 120km (long) vs 80km (short) run, at first through the twisty Adelaide Hills that later became flatter and straighter as we approached Mannum, our destination spot located on the majestic River Murray.

We had reserved car parking at the Pretoria Hotel, on the riverbank that was more than adequate for our needs and from where there were lovely views over the river with a few speedboats towing skiers, a large houseboat and a few pelicans sunning themselves.

Our dining venue was on the outside balcony that overlooked the river and it was separated from other diners by heavy plastic curtains that did a good job of sound deadening and keeping the heat (from the overhead gas heaters) in. After scanning-in with the obligatory QR codes, we ordered drinks and our meals and Area Rep Terry welcomed all, including new members Garry and Cici who had only recently joined the Club and were on their first run. He also bid a very warm welcome to long-time family member, Christiana, who had not been on a run with us for some months.

Looking over an Aston Martin toward the majestic River Murray. Note the pelican sunning himself/herself
Demonstration DBX from Solitaire Motors and other members Aston Martins at Mannum









Next Terry thanked Chris for organising the run & lunch and the group warmly applauded his efforts that all considered excellent. Finally, Terry presented the winners of the competition for the best celebration of the Times ad from 1946 with their prizes. The competition had been designed to celebrate the 75 anniversary of the advertisement that had appeared on October 1st, 1946. Members had been asked to take a photograph and provide some background to their entries and Terry advised he was not able to decide a single winner and so he decided to make two presentations. The first prize went to members Sally and Neville who had obtained a copy of the advertisement and photographed themselves holding this across the bonnet of their Aston Martin Vantage. Sally and Neville received a framed copy of the very page in the October 1st 1946 edition of the Times that held the advertisement. The second prize went to Andrew and Brenda who enlisted their grandson in a vain search for the ‘DB’ in their Aston Martin Vantage. Andrew received a numbered bottle of limited edition Chardonnay made for the late Sir Stirling Moss by McLaren Vale winemaker, Tony Parkinson. Both winners thanked Terry for their prizes and Terry thanked them for their ingenuity and for entering into the spirit of the occasion.


Terry presenting prize to Sally for her winning entry in the 75th anniversary of ‘that ad’ competetion
Terry presenting winning prize to Andrew for his entry into 75th anniversary of ‘that ad’









Terry then advised members that he had created an entry into the competition but as adjudicator, his entry was not eligible for a prize. He advised the entry was a poem and that he had never written a poem before and probably never would again. The members were happy to let him read this and they generously applauded at the end. Terry advised members that the poem and other entries would be posted onto our webpage in the next few days as well as submitted to the UK for potential publishing in the AM Quarterly magazine.


Members then enjoyed their meals and conversation. Terry advised the next run that was only 3 weeks hence, on November 14th. He also advised he was awaiting information from Solitaire Motors about a possible celebration of the latest James Bond movie, No Time To Die.

At about 4pm, members dispersed after another very successful meeting.


Run and lunch at Angus Plains Wines, September 2021

After several months of thanking the ‘weather gods’ for great weather for our Sunday runs, we had no reason to offer thanks on this Sunday 12th September 2021.

The weather through the week had been great with maxima in the mid to high 20s and so Area Rep Terry Jones watched with a sinking heart as the forecast for Sunday got progressively worse each and every passing day. On the morning of the event, the forecast was tragically accurate and we suffered cold winds, a maximum temperature of 14 degrees, squally rain and even hail – the worst by far for the whole year.

With this in mind, Terry was very pleased that not a single member cancelled and we had 18 members/guests in 10 cars assemble on Maryvale Rd, Athelstone. Members Tony & Lynette had organised both the run and lunch and after thanking members for attending, Terry handed over to Tony to talk to the run. Tony advised us that there was a good mix of winding, Hills roads followed by open, straight roads before we reached our lunch destination, Angus Plains Winery just outside Langhorne Creek. He advised the final 1km or so of gravel road was in good condition and it was good to see the owners of all, including the newest, Aston Martins accepting this without even a shrug.

We set off on our 80km run but within a few minutes, the rain hit, followed by small hailstones and a strong, cold wind that persisted. The run took just over an hour and we were all glad to reach the winery and enjoy the warmth of the log fire and gas heaters. We had one problem with the directions, namely where Eckert Rd, as described on the map and run sheets, was signposted Cheriton Rd but this merely delayed our arrival by a few minutes.

Tony, Lynette and other members enjoying the local wines and good company at Angus Plains Wines
Our group occupying a large table in the veranda at Angus Plains Wines









We had a tasting of the local wines followed by entree and main course of pizzas. Our lunch room was imperfectly shielded from the elements unfortunately but Terry found rotating between the heaters was sufficient to keep toasty warm.

More members enjoying more wine and conversation at Angus Plains Wines

Terry thanked members for attending (including 6 members who met us at the winery) and reminded them that the October event (the Stately Affair between Victoria and South Australia) had been cancelled due to an outbreak of COVID-19 in Victoria. Fortunately, former Area Rep, Chris offered to organise a run and he proposed the 17th (later changed to the 24th) October as the date. Terry also advised members that he had started discussions with Solitaire (the local Aston Martin dealership) about a premiere screening of the much anticipated (and delayed) James Bond movie, No Time to Die. The movie was now set to launch in Adelaide in mid November and Terry advised he was hopeful we could arrange a black tie event with Solitaire Aston Martin to celebrate Daniel Craig’s last Bond movie.

Members then enjoyed the food and wine tasting and several bought a bottle or two to take home. The weather for our return journey was much milder and the sun even broke through on occasion!  Another enjoyable AMOC South Australia event.

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August 2021 run and lunch to The Winehouse

Good fortune once again accompanied members of the South Australian Area of the AMOC on Sunday August 8th when the regular, monthly run and lunch took place. The weather was lovely, especially considering it was still winter and there had been rain in the days before, and more was promised later in the week.

More cars at Bridgewater Inn
Cars lined up at Bridgewater Inn


Members met at the Bridgewater Inn carpark where our cars were lined up for photographs in the lovely morning sunshine – see above. Area Rep Terry Jones welcomed everyone and especially new members Sarah & Russell who were on their first run. Terry handed out run sheets and spoke to the run that, he advised was a relatively simple one that followed the Old Princes Highway, the main route to Melbourne just a few years ago. We first drove through Hahndorf, a popular weekend venue for town-folk and Terry advised that progress would be slow but he hoped the onlookers enjoyed the convoy of Aston Martins that would enhance their otherwise ordinary existences (Terry is of the opinion that an existence devoid of Aston Martins would, by definition, be ‘ordinary’). We continued through Littlehampton, Nairne and Kanmantoo until we reached Monarto when we turned south and headed to Langhorne Creek. Our lunch venue was The Winehouse where we were able to park our cars on the recently mowed lawns at the rear of the venue that allowed us to admire them while dining. Terry had intended the lunch venue would be Bremerton winery but the recent COVID related lockdown had been followed by restricted patron numbers at all venues and this prevented us using this venue. The Winehouse was a very acceptable alternative and many members commented favourably on the premises and food. Many other diners at the Winehouse were seen admiring our cars and why wouldn’t they – on their own they make great viewing but alongside others from the same stable, spanning 60 years of production, they make special viewing.

Lovely straight road to Langhorne Creek


Former Area Rep, Chris and Terry doing the ‘politically correct’ fist bump

The Winehouse had the same practice as our previous lunch venue, Tenafaete Winery, in that a single payment was required and so Terry paid the total bill and members reimbursed him in cash – this was a something of a nuisance but all took it in good spirit and Terry went home with a dented credit card and a wad of cash. Terry thanked all members for attending and reminded the group (if they need reminding) that we were so lucky with our minimal COVID cases in South Australia that allowed us to have our runs almost unaffected. Our colleagues and friends around the world but especially in NSW have been and are still doing it tougher as their outbreak continues unabated and their limited lockdowns appear not to be working as effectively as the early, sharp but short lockdowns that have been used in SA.

Cars lined up at The Winehouse
Members enjoying lunch at The Winehouse


After a very convivial meeting, fine food and wine (and craft beer that was available on tap) as well as great company, members departed for home from the historic Langhorne Creek wine growing region that has some fantastic, gnarled old vines on display from the roadside. A great day and a very successful meeting.

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July 2021 run and lunch at Tenafeate Winery

Report of AMOC South Australia Run July 11th to Tenafeate Winery

The weather had been lovely in the days before our planned July run but the forecast was for rain starting on the day of the run and persisting all week. This was more important than for many runs as our lunch destination, Tenafeate Winery had mostly dirt/gravel car parking next to their vines.


Members and coffee providers at the iconic Penfolds Winery

Our starting point was the iconic Penfolds Winery in Magill where coffee was served to arriving members and we had undercover parking that was not needed as the weather was dry. Indeed, apart from a few drops toward the end of lunch, the weather was kind to us.

Eighteen members in 10 cars ranging in age from a lovely DB4 owned by members Tony and Angela (that had not been seen before) to Tom’s near new DBS Superlegerra assembled and they were a very impressive sight indeed.


Three Vantage V8s with lovely DB4 at the iconic Penfold’s winery
More fantastic cars at Penfolds Winery






This run took us up Montacute Road and then down the very twisty and aptly name Corkscrew Road, through Kersbrook and onto the One Tree Hill that got its name from a large gum tree that grew there in the 1850s. A short distance along the Gawler Road and we arrived at Tenafeate Winery. We had reserved parking and occupied two tables that had great views of the picturesque Adelaide Hills.

Area Rep, Terry Jones thanked member Frank who organised the run and lunch, and members showed their appreciation with a round of applause.

Some of the group with the Adelaide Hills in the background

The set menu included cheeses, breads, dukka and olives followed by pizzas galore. The wines were varied and good – Terry had the intensely coloured Durif and it went very well with the pizzas.

We left a little before 2pm – the limit set by COVID restrictions – and all present had eaten their fill. Several also bought some of Tenafeate’s wines to take home.

Our next run is planned for August 8th and Terry will provide details via email shortly.

Report of meeting June 2021 at La Tombola

On a cool but dry winter’s evening, 27 members of our Area met at La Tombola Restaurant on Unley Rd to enjoy each other’s company, food and wine, and to  hear of ‘developments’.

We were very lucky to have in attendance our youngest member, James, with parents Mathew and Liz.  James is but a few months old (see pic) and he was VERY well behaved. James attracted a lot of attention from’ older’ members and many took the opportunity to say ‘hello’ up close – we all hope that he continues his ‘membership’ for decades to come.

Maatthew, Liz and our youngest member, James – all well behaved as is expected of AMOC members

After a welcoming drink we ordered our food and then Area Rep, Terry Jones, welcomed everyone, noting the very good turn-out for a mid week winter meet.  Terry reflected that we had been very fortunate in South Australia to have been almost unaffected by the COVID pandemic when most of the other Areas of our International Club had not fared as well and this was very evident from the AM News reports from around the world. He also noted that we were so fortunate to also have, on or doorstep, the lovely Adelaide Hills to drive through and many restaurants & wineries who made us so welcome.

He did however note that we were not immune to loss and that in the last 6months, we had lost two of our longest serving and most loved members in the form of Pam Dyson-Harvey and Phil Moore. We had said our collective farewells to Pam at an earlier meeting but this was the first time we had been together as a group since Phil had passed and Terry asked Chris Harris to say a few words about Phil’s life. Chris told us of their friendship and of Phil’s modesty despite being the Australian Sporting Car Champion back in the 70s. Everyone who met Phil noted on his ‘trademark’ smile, good humour, love of cars, food, wine and family. We drank a toast to Phil’s life and the impact he had left.

Terry then advised of upcoming events including the Stately Affair and advised that rooms were running out quickly (19 of the allotted 25 already taken) and he encouraged members thinking of attending to not delay in booking at the Lyndoch Hill Hotel. He also called for anyone interested in organising a run to ‘put their hands up’ as there were a few slots left in the year that he had yet to organise.

Finally Terry briefly advised members on the outcomes of the Resolution signed by all members present at the same meeting 12 months earlier and the AGM votes that we had lodged approximately 3 months earlier. Terry advised that our Australian Representative, Bill Griffiths had been reinstated as a member of the Committee of Management (CoM) to which there was much applause and that Peter Saglietti had been voted on the CoM also. He advised this was good news as Peter had been charged with reviewing of the Articles of Association that contained the offensive clause that allowed the CoM to expel any member from the Club at any time without giving the member an opportunity to defend themselves. Terry also advised the former Chairman had been voted out and that the new Chairman was Anthony Oade and this was also positive. Terry did note however there were some areas of concern including that 2 CoM members who had been voted off the CoM had been co-opted back onto it by Anthony and that the CoM had effectively increased in size to some 24 members, many/most of whom were not elected.

Members enjoying the good food, wine and conversation at La Tombola

Recognising that most members weren’t overly interested in the ‘politics’ of the Club and not wanting to spoil their evening further, Terry ended the discussion at that point but advised he was happy to answer any questions members might have on a 1 to 1 basis later.


More members enjoying the evening

The food and wine we received next was excellent and the conversation flowed freely. Through the large glass windows of the Restaurant we noticed the forecast heavy rain had arrived and that the view was now decidedly wintery. We departed for home at approximately 9pm

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Report of run to Saltram Winery May 2021

After a week of perfect mid 20s weather, our planned run & lunch on Sunday May 2nd was undertaken in somewhat cooler (20degree) temperatures though we were fortunate to have a lot of sunshine. Twenty one members in 11 cars ranging from Phil’s 1960 DB4 to Tom’s new Superleggera assembled at Hazelwood Park in the Eastern suburbs of Adelaide at 10.30am.

SA and NSW members assembled at Hazelwood Park

Area Rep Terry Jones welcomed all and advised our numbers were lower than expected because he had received apologies from 6 members in the previous 2 days, one couple suffering reactions from the COVID vaccine they received just 2 days earlier! Terry then particularly welcomed six visiting members (Michael & Jane, Paul & Lisa, Greg and Chee Mei) from the NSW branch of the AMOC. The local SA members were very impressed that our NSW colleagues had driven over from Sydney (a distance of approximately 1000 miles) in their Aston Martins (the oldest being a DB5) stopping along the way in Broken Hill.

Phils DB4 and Michael’s DB5 at Hazelwood Park, both raring to go

Terry handed out run sheets and advised our visitors that we were just a few hundred meters from the Hills that afforded good views (in the rear view mirror) of the City of Adelaide and suburbs right down to the beach. He also advised the initial part of the run would be on twisty, narrow, hilly roads but later, as we approached the Barossa Valley, the roads would become straighter and faster though the scenery was still lovely.

We set off at 11am, travelling via Greenhill Rd through Summertown and Uraidla then onto Lobethal and Cudlee Creek, an area badly burned by bushfires just 18 months ago – and where the fire damage is still evident. We progressed through Mount Pleasant finally ending in Angaston approximately 100km and 90min later.

Members gathered at Saltram winery enjoying a lovely lunch and glass of wine in an old wine barrel cellar

We had reserved car parking at Saltram winery from where we ambled to the old barrel cellar that was reserved for our lunch that comprised a very generous serving of platters of local Barossa fare and pizzas. Saltram has some lovely wines and we sampled a few including a tawny port to complete our meal. There was much conversation and Terry was congratulated on the run and lunch venue and we left, very full, some 3h later. Many members took advantage of the 30% price reduction we were offered on cellar door sales – Terry bought a few bottles of Mamre Brook Cabernet Sauvignon and he observed many others were buying the Tawny port – either a good choice!

Terry reflected after the event that we are very lucky to live in a country where COVID has not drastically altered our lives and this is very evident when reading the AM News that has few reports of events from other Areas of late.  We are also lucky to have such good food and wine from a world-leading wine region (the Barossa Valley) on our doorstep.

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