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Report of August 21st, 2022 run to Lady Bay Resort

The weather leading up to and after our event on Sunday the 21st of August was wet and windy and so we were very thankful that the Sunday itself turned out to be sunny and dry (though cool).

The event had been generously organised by former Area Rep, Chris Barron who determined the meeting place would be the Blackwood Railway station where we gathered at 10am. Numbers were low by usual standards thanks in part to illness and members either being interstate or overseas – not uncommon in our winter as members try to escape the colder, wetter months.

Chris spoke to the run, advising of some of the things to be careful of and we set off at approximately 10.30am. We stopped briefly after a few miles in the centre of Clarendon where we picked up members Andrew and Brenda and then we drove through the lovely Adelaide Hills, skirting Macclesfield and onto the lovely Wickham Hill Rd. This road is perhaps better to descend than ascend as the view of the twists and turns are reminiscent of the European Alpine roads (though in miniature). Nonetheless, the route called for us to ascend the hill and then on toward our destination, the Lady Bay Resort, just outside Normanville. As we ascended the line of hills that separated us from the sea, the low cloud made driving a little difficult, especially as we crossed the dam wall of the Myponga reservoir on the narrow road. The cloud lifted as we descended toward the sea and finally we arrived at the Lady Bay resort.


Low cloud/fog from AMV8 as we ascended the hills heading toward Normanville
Fog starting to lift









We were able to park our cars in a separate part of the upper car park and after a few minutes chatting, we walked the short distance to the restaurant that had a great view over the extensive Golf Course. Nibbles awaited us and the manger, Tim was very accommodating, especially as our number had dwindled due to infections in the previous 24hours. We had already advised our meal choices (to assist the chef) and we were served efficiently by the very friendly staff.

Some of our lovely cars parked at the Lady Bay Resort
Some of our members enjoying good food, wine, company and views at Lady Bay Resort









Area Rep Terry Jones briefly spoke to the group, welcoming them and thanking Chris for organising the run & lunch. Terry advised he had the distinction also of arranging the first run that Terry could recall that included driving through fog/cloud. He also mentioned the upcoming elections for the Management Committee of the AMOC and advised members who might be interested that they could nominate for the position of International Director (we are now grouped under the ‘Rest of the World’), Chair, Deputy Chair or Treasurer. Terry advised that all Management Committee members were now expected to have experience in appropriate areas and it was hoped that this would lead to a more efficient and orderly running of our Club.

With this out of the way, we got on to enjoying our food and wine and engaging in interesting conversation. We left for home at approximately 3.30pm.

June 2022 dinner meeting at Nonna and I

On a windy, cold, winter’s evening with frequent rain squalls, 14 brave members and partners of the SA Area of the AMOC met at Nonna and I – a highly regarded Italian restaurant in the Eastern suburbs – for the monthly dinner meeting. Given the weather and that several members were either interstate or overseas, this was not a bad turnout. Unfortunately, members Conrad and Jenni had to leave very shortly after arriving due to a family issue they were advised of via telephone. All members wished them well as they departed.

Chef Khalil was very accommodating when Area Rep Terry Jones had discussed the booking and both he and the waitress who served us were very welcoming and efficient throughout the evening. The name of the restaurant, the menu and availability of Italian wines all suggested the restaurant is VERY Italian and so it is interesting that neither Khalil nor our waitress were of Italian origin. The waitress was of Asian background and Chef Khalil was born in Alexandria, Egypt. Terry thought this a great reflection of the multi-cultural nature of Adelaide. Khalil did some of his schooling, including his initial cookery schooling in the USA and obtained an honours degree in European Culinary Arts in Lucerne before moving to Adelaide – a very International pedigree.

We were able to select from the whole, very extensive menu that included several vegan options that impressed Terry, though we assisted by advising our meal choices beforehand.

After orders were finalised, Area Rep, Terry Jones addressed the group. He started by thanking all for attending and then got onto the ‘business’. This included the EGM that is set for July 9th and he encouraged all to check the updated version of the Articles of Association that was available on the website ( He advised the members that, in his opinion, they were far from perfect, especially the clauses that relate to expelling members from the Club, but they were also very good, primarily in that they reduced the size of the Committee of Management to 10 – down from some 24. He advised this should make the Committee more efficient and professional. The webite also advised how to vote.

Terry next advised of the July meeting that was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first time Aston Martin competed in Grand Prix racing. He urged members to keep Sunday 17th July free as this was the date of our celebration though he also advised he was hopeful we would also have a black-tie celebration at Solitaire on the evening of Friday July 15th – the actual date of the 1922 GP race held in Strasbourg, France. He was waiting to hear more from Nicholas, local AM agent in the coming days.

Finally he reminded members of the Stately Affair that was to be held on the October long weekend (that actually started on Friday September 30th). He advised he would be making another announcement of a special occasion that had gone ‘under the radar’ just like the centenary of the start of GP racing and the 75th anniversary of the important advert in the Times newspaper that we celebrated last October. Terry advised he was disappointed in the Heritage Trust who’s job it was to note such events and to encourage members globally to celebrate them. As it was, we would likely be one of just a few Areas who will celebrate the event but this should justify the story being published in the Quarterly.

Terry advised members could book accommodation at the Barossa Novatel for the Stately Affair though this was not compulsory and indeed, Terry had booked in at a Tanunda B&B as he preferred to support local enterprises. He also cautioned against unnecessary mixing as the recently held Nationals event in Healseville Victoria resulted in several attendees catching COVID 19. He advised SA member Chris was one of those. Chris (who was with us at Nonna and I) advised that more than 50% of attendees at the Nationals contracted the viral disease.

Our meals arrived and conversation was reduced but restarted when we had finished. In addition to the excellent food, Terry also enjoyed a Montepulciano red wine but not one from Italy – he had a South Aussie one and it was very good though Terry thought it not as good as his favourite Shiraz.

Terry encouraged all to pay their bills before leaving as he didn’t want to pay and chase members up later. We finally wrapped up shortly after 9pm and headed home after a good evening that combined good food and wine and exceptional company.

It was only later that Terry realised he hadn’t taken any photos and therefore the story published on our webpage would be poorer for the want of visuals.

Run to Bremerton Winery May 29th 2022

On a cold and blustery Sunday morning with the forecast for heavy rain later in the day, some 15 members of the SA branch of the AMOC met at the Burnside Village Shopping centre carpark for the May run and lunch.

Cars and gang assembled at Burnside Village Car Park
Cars including DBX at Burnside Village Carpark








As it happened, the weather was very sunny in the morning and the mood was suitably upbeat. Area Rep, Terry Jones, welcomed everyone and handed out the run sheets for the run that he described as the ‘3 dogleg run’ – Terry advised there was a fourth dogleg for members to find and he thought a dog should have 4 legs rather than three!

We set off at 11am and headed up the twisty, undulating Greenhill Rd travelling through Summertown, Carey Gully and onto Balhannah where we found the first dogleg. A quick right and left turn left us on Junction Road that had the ‘hidden’ dogleg shortly after as we crossed the railway line. Next was Littlehampton where we turned left to join the Old Prices Highway, driving through Nairne, Dawesley and Kanmantoo. By now, the road had opened up a lot and the flatter country allowed for more rapid progress. This was accelerated further as we turned right onto Ferries McDonald Rd that was mostly straight (there were two more doglegs) and our cars enjoyed the higher speeds afforded. A final right turn onto Langhorne Creek Road took us to our lunch destination, Bremerton Winery.

We were greeted by a warm log fire and smiles from the very efficient staff and shown to our long table. After selecting our choices from the food and wine menus, Terry addressed the group that included Conrad, Rhonda and Stuart who had joined us at Bremerton. Terry thanked all and enquired about the adequacy of the run sheet – all advised the run was good and the sheet accurate though the problem with small lettering on the Ferries McDonald Road turnoff sign explained why one car missed the turnoff.

Some of our gang at Bremerton Winery


Terry advised the restaurant choice for our June dinner meeting had not been finalised and he was still welcoming suggestions. He advised the July meeting was to be one of the major events of 2022 for our Area and that we would celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first time Aston Martin officially competed in a Grand Prix race. Terry advised we would use the date to also celebrate Adelaide’s connection with Grand Prix racing and that our celebrations were therefore to centre on Lobethal where the only pre-war Grand Prix race held in SA was held (in 1939). Terry also advised of the Stately Affair in October and suggested members who wanted to join their Victorian counterparts for the long weekend festivities book their accommodation asap as it was likely to be a busy time in the Barossa.

After a good deal of conversation, good food and fine wine, we finally left for home at approximately 3.30pm and Terry noted the promised rain had still not arrived. The run home was good due to the weather and the picturesque scenery.

April 24th 2022 run to Lenswood

April was a difficult month, from the perspective of competing events, in Adelaide with Easter falling on the weekend before Anzac Day that resulted in three sequential long weekends that provided opportunities for citizens to ‘get away’ for a few days. There were also competing events including historic racing at the local Mallala track on the weekend of the planned AMOC event.

April was also a difficult time for Area Rep, Terry Jones as he suffered a restrictive shoulder problem that resulted in him not being able to drive any distance to reconnoitre the drive as was his usual habit.


Cars and members at the starting point, Crafers Primary School

Terry Jones called upon the services of Assistant Area Rep, Terry Holt to devise a run and lunch destination and Terry H used his knowledge of Bentley Drivers Club runs to create a run that culminated in lunch at the Lenswood Post Office and Cafe. The run was longer than the usual AMOC run at almost 140km but much of this was on faster, flatter roads that meant the distance was covered in less than 2 hours. Notwithstanding this, Terry Jones devised a shorter route for those who were uncomfortable about the longer run and one of these was himself as his shoulder was better but not back-to-normal. This run was a shorter loop of the Adelaide Hills roads that was only 55km long.

The competing events also combined with member illness that resulted in attendee numbers being the lowest in many years for our run to Lenswood. In total, only 12 members and guests were able to attend but the weather and the lovely Adelaide Hills roads were fantastic and the run was very successful from this perspective at least.

We started from the Crafers Primary school carpark that we have used several times before and drove through Crafers heading south through Mylor and then north to the Onkaparinga Valley Road and onto Balhannah. The longer route then went through Nairne, Dawsley and Kanmantoo, while the shorter route turned off toward Woodside and then via Tiers Rad to Lenswood.

The roads were not especially busy and the 26degree maximum temperature (that was warm for the time of year) and sunny skies made for perfect driving. The shorter route group arrived at Lenswood at approximately 11.30am and they were greeted by our host, Andrew who served good coffees and we sat on the verandah of the historic building watching the passing traffic (that included several Morgans that were clearly on a group run). Terry Jones was approached by a passer-by who advised he was on holiday from Western Australia and he wanted to take a picture of Terry’s 1974 AMV8. The visitor explained he used to live in Newport Pagnell and frequently saw cars leaving the factory after being completed and pushed to the nearby petrol station to fuel-up. He advised one of the cars he saw was made for Rowan Atkinson who was there to receive his new car at the petrol station!

Members who did the longer run arrived at approximately 12.20pm and then we entered the very quaint building to have our roast lunch. The owner, Andrew had had a very interesting career that included working for the Adelaide Zoo where he looked after the Indian elephant Samorn for many years. Samorn was a gift from the king of Thailand and she was well known and loved by Adelaidians, and a photograph of Andrew with Samorn adorned one of the walls. There were many other interesting artefacts including an old radiogram, record player, Coca Cola machine and a terrarium containing Vlad, a Central Bearded lizard and a pygmy variety too.

Members outside the Lenswood Post Office/Cafe

Juice preceded the roast lamb/grilled fish/Vegan pie and dessert was apple crumble or cheesecake. Tea and coffee followed and all this cost just $25pp.

Members inside Cafe with Bon Vivant, Chris Barron replendently attired

Bon vivant member Chris Barron, resplendent in his floral attire, met his match with the waitress, Ros who kept him in check all afternoon (in a very convivial way). Terry thanked all for attending and proposed a round of applause for Andrew and members enthusiastically applauded. We headed off for home at approximately 3pm after a very successful event.

Report of evening run to Clarendon, March 29th 2022

On a lovely Autumnal Tuesday evening when the daytime maximum temperature reached 27 degrees centigrade, twenty four members of the AMOC met at the Aldgate Pump Hotel shortly before 6pm for the second and final evening run and dinner for 2022. Daylight saving is due to end this coming Sunday (April 3rd) meaning evening runs will not be practical after that date.

Area Rep Terry Jones handed out the run sheets for the relatively short run of 65km due to the approaching sunset. The run started out along Aldgate Valley Road turning onto Strathalbyn Road in Mylor and heading south along Battunga Road and Brookman Roads. High cloud prevented the setting sun troubling drivers as we turned in a westerly direction and we descended the lovely, twisting, Wickham Hill Rd. A few kilometres later we reached our dinner destination, the Royal Oak Hotel in Clarendon where we met for dinner on the verandah. Two more members, Stuart and Rhonda, joined us along the route so we had a healthy 26 members at dinner.

Several members (including Area Rep, Terry) had not realised how much cooler it was going to be in the Hills after the sun had set and consequently had not brought jackets. Fortunately there were several indoor seating spots that members were able to use while the more hardy members stayed on the verandah in the cool evening air.

Terry thanked members for attending and advised the next meeting would revert to the Sunday run with lunch.

Cars parked at Royal Oak Clarendon with members admiring from the verandah

We then enjoyed our a la carte meals with a glass of local wine (or beer) and conversation flowed freely. The evening drew to a close shortly after 9pm and members wended their way home. Members thanked Terry for organising another successful event.

Run through the Hills to Verdun, March 1st 2022

It was a lovely, warm Autumnal evening when members of the South Australian Area of the AMOC met for the first event of 2022 on St David’s Day, March 1st.

Area Rep Terry Jones had organised a mid-week, evening run as he had in the previous years and though the drives have been subtly different, the dinner destination, the Stanley Bridge Tavern in Verdun has been constant. We met at Tregarthen Rd that Assistant Area Rep, Terry Holt was happy with since he lives just a stone’s throw away. Others who gathered were less pleased as driving through the suburbs to reach the starting place was slow and frustrating.

Terry welcomed everyone and handed out run sheets that took us through Summertown and onto one of Terry’s favourite roads, Tanhamera Rd. Terry warned members of the right angled turn at the bottom and large gum trees in the middle of the road shortly after. The run was almost 80kilometers long and was expected to take approximately 1h.

Members started their cars and headed off with Terry J bringing up the rear. The drive was well received and we had many vistas of the apple orchards that were heavy with their crop and neat vineyards along the way. We did encounter one speed trap but members were confident they were within the speed limit and will not be receiving unwelcome letters in the mail in the coming days.

Terry had specifically arranged for outdoor eating to reduce the risk of COVID infection and the evening coolness made for perfect conditions. Even the mosquitoes stayed away and we were able to enjoy the food, wine and conversation. This year, the Tavern decided we could not pay individually and so Terry paid the bill and members had to reimburse him in cash. No-one baulked at this and all brought cash to pay Terry and it ran smoothly.

The car park had been improved since we last visited and the additional lights allowed a few photos of our cars under lights – perhaps the first time we have had photographs after dark.


A lovely sight of our cars parked in Stanley Bridge Tavern
Cars parked while owners enjoy good food, wine and company









Terry addressed the group and encouraged them to consider attending the Nationals that are being held in April/May in Healsville, Victoria. This event was supposed to be held in 2000 but has been delayed twice due to COVID and the Vics had had several cancellations since. He also advised that 2022 was the centenary of the first time an Aston Martin had entered Grand Prix racing – that being the French Grand Prix held in July 1922. He advised that it appeared that no-one else had noticed this anniversary, just like no-one else had noted the 75th anniversary of the famous 3-line advert in the Times that resulted in David Brown buying Aston Martin. We South Australian members had celebrated that event and Terry advised we would also be celebrating this event. He advised he was hoping to hold the Stately Affair (that was cancelled last October due to COVID) in July this year to enable Victorian members to attend the celebration and he was also hoping we would be able to drive the 1939 Australian Grand Prix circuit in 1939 – this circuit being in Lobethal!

Several members advised Terry they had enjoyed the run and we drove home happy shortly after 9pm.



Cars parked in Stanley Bridge car park
Cars lined up in well lit carpark


Open post

Celebration of latest Bond movie, No Time To Die

Area Rep Terry Jones had advised members on a few occasions before the movie launch that he was discussing with the SA distributors of Aston Martin, Solitaire Motors, the possibility of a sponsored, combined event to celebrate the long-overdue launch of the last Bond movie starring Daniel Craig. Unfortunately, nothing eventuated from Solitaire, apparently because Aston Martin were not the ‘official’ sponsors of the movie – this was the province of Land-Rover/Jaguar!

Because this information was only provided a few days before the launch date (November 11th), this made the likelihood of arranging an event on the day of the  launch impossible.

AMOC members are a resourceful lot however and Assistant Area Rep, Terry H stepped up.  In in his capacity as Chairman of the local Bentley Drivers Club, he arranged a joint viewing of the movie at the Wallis Cinema, Mitcham for November 18th. Terry also organised a black-tie dinner at the cinema to precede the movie.

Numbers were restricted and, in the end, some 50 members from both clubs attended and we enjoyed a good meal as well as a bottle of water and the classic cinema favourite, a chocolate coated ice-cream to enjoy during the film. With movie as well, the $59pp was very reasonable indeed.


Assistant Area Rep Terry H who organised the event
AMOC members enjoying dinner before the movie










The two Terrys discussed the plot at great length after the movie and both agreed it was not Daniel Craig’s finest Bond movie but nonetheless, both enjoyed the event greatly. This was the first time that four different Aston Martin models had been placed in the same Bond movie and both Terrys particularly enjoyed seeing the AMV8 Vantage again. The classic DB5 was there too, this time with mini Gatling machine guns behind the headlights – apparently there were two actual DB5s and eight replicas used to make the movie! The southern Italian town of Matera was one of the settings and, to overcome the slippery cobble-stoned streets, hundreds of litres of soft drink were poured onto the streets and when it dried, the sticky effect from the drying sugar allowed sufficient grip for the cars to ‘do their stuff’.

It was good that our members could come together to celebrate one of the most celebrated Aston Martin connections dating back to 1964 when the bullet-proof DB5 was driven by Sean Connery in Goldfinger. I suspect the James Bond connection is one of the more common reasons that ‘men of a certain age’ end up owning an Aston Martin – it was a factor in my ownership!

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Run, lunch and AGM at Saltram winery, Angaston

Report of AGM, run & lunch for AMOC SA December 12th 2021

On a warm Sunday morning, with the forecast maximum of a hot 35 degrees, 15members of the AMOC met at Hazelwood Park, the starting point for the 100km run organised by Area Rep, Terry Jones.

Terry advised we would be joined by 6 or more members along the route making a total of 23 members/guests who attended the final run for the year. He handed out the run sheets and cautioned members on 2 parts of the route, the first at the end of Deviation Rd where visibility was poor and the second where there were prospects of a radar trap. Terry thanked Chris for agreeing to act as traffic marshal at Deviation Rd to reduce the risk of accidents – this had been Chris’ initiative earlier in the year and it worked well.


Astons parked at Hazelwood Park awaiting start of run
More Astons looking respledent at Hazelwood Park









We set off at 10.30am and headed up Greenhill Rd on the twisty Hills roads that are lovely to drive, through Summertown and Uraidla before turning onto Deviation Rd. From there the route took us through Lobethal, Mount Pleasant and then via Eden Valley Rd through Eden Valley and past the world-famous Colin Hayes racing property as we neared Angaston.

Our lunch venue was on the outskirts of Angaston, at Salters Restaurant, where we had an old barrel cellar to ourselves with private parking under the shady old gum trees for our lovely cars.

Members enjoying good food, wine and conversation after the AGM was concluded in the cool wine cellar at Saltram
Cars parked under the shady gum trees at Saltram Winery











After the entrée had been devoured, Terry advised the group of the years’ events by way of the ‘Annual Report’ that was a requirement of the Area Rep and that was to be forwarded to the Australian Rep. He noted we had been fortunate to be able to have 11 ‘standard’ runs with lunch or dinner as well as a special event for the James Bond movie release and that our final meeting was an unusual one for us in that it was a ‘noggin n natter’ being held on Wednesday 15th. It was unusual in that we were being informed of the ‘goings-on’ at Newport Pagnell during the last 1960s by Alan Pearson who was a draughtsman there during the time the DB6 was being produced.

After this we enjoyed our main course and desserts and then Terry advised we needed to hold the AGM. He handed over to former Area Rep, Chris Barron who declared the Area Rep position vacant, advised there was only one nominee for the position, that being the incumbent and he called for a show of hands to confirm member’s approval of Terry’s nomination. There was a unanimous acceptance and applause as Terry was affirmed as the Area Rep for 2022. Chris and Assistant Area Rep Terry H both spontaneously addressed the group on the difficulties that had been faced during 2021 and they congratulated Terry J on how he had handled the issues on behalf of members.

Terry J thanked all members for the confidence they had shown in his leadership and he especially thanked Chris and Terry H for their support. He also paid special thanks to those members who had organised a run in 2021 and he hoped he could call on members similarly in 2022. He then advised that members should have received an email from the CoM in the UK advising the EGM, that was supposed to held in just a few hours’ time, had been deferred due to COVID concerns in the UK. Terry advised the consequences of this were potentially far-reaching and that he would keep members up-to-date with these. He advised that whatever format our Club would take in 2022, whether as part of the UK based club or in another guise, he was confident we would still have runs, lunches and events, and that we would continue to be able to enjoy our cars and each other’s company as we have done in 2021.

Conversation flowed freely and several Members bought bottles/cases of wine from the winery before wending their way back home.

Report of run and lunch November 2021

On an unseasonally wet, cold and windy November 14th, the South Australian area of the AMOC held their penultimate run & lunch for 2021.

The forecast had been poor for days before and was also poor for several days ahead with daily maxima in the teens when the average for November is in the mid 20s – strange weather indeed.

This did not deter the hardy 22 members and friends who braved the weather to meet at the Burnside Council Car Park at 10am. The run had been organised by members Harley and Annette who provided detailed run sheets. We were joined by member Matthew who advised he was currently ‘between Astons’, having sold the one he had owned and he was now looking for another. Unfortunately Matthew couldn’t join us for the run but he did introduce a friend, Phil who had recently purchased his first Aston Martin, a V8 N430. We were also joined by well known and respected DB7 owner, Trevor who was accompanied by his navigator, Alan, who had the distinction of previously working for Aston Martin at Newport Pagnell in the late 1960s!

We started our run at 10.30am, heading up Greenhill Rd and we were soon into the lovely Adelaide Hills, driving on twisting roads through Summerton and Uraidla and then onto Lenswood, Cudlee Creek and Williamstown before reaching our destination, Lyndoch. Our lunch destination was the Lord Lyndoch in the lovely Barossa Valley town of Lyndoch. The Hills were a lovely shade of green, perhaps not surprising given the recent rains and cool weather but the damage from the horrific fires that started near Cudlee Creek almost 2 years earlier were still very evident. We certainly have very varied weather in South Australia.

Our run was a little shorter than some and hence we arrived at our lunch venue a little earlier than usual but this gave us time enough to get seated, order our drinks and chat before lunch arrived.

Area Rep Terry Jones thanked Harley and Annette for organising the run & lunch and the group applauded their efforts – all agreed it was a good run and the lunch venue was very much ‘up to expectations’. Terry congratulated members for their hardiness as he and Harley suggested members could bring any ‘significant other’ they had in their garage but most drove their Astons! Terry welcomed visitor Phil to our group and he urged members to make him feel welcome. Phil advised he had been made most welcome already and that he intended to join the Club – this was warmly greeted by all.

Members and friends enjoying the food, wine (& beer) and conversation at the Lord Lyndoch restaurant
Assistant Area Rep, Terry Holt with visitors Alan, former Newport Pagnel employee and Phil, who advised he will join our Club asap

Terry went on to advise our final meet for the year was to be held on December 12th and the venue was to the Saltram winery – the venue we were supposed to enjoy at the Stately Affair that had to be cancelled due to COVID outbreak in Victoria. This meeting was to be our annual AGM and Terry advised he would be standing again for position of Area Rep at that meeting.

Terry also advised we should be soon receiving notification of an EGM that would afford us the opportunity to vote on the most significant changes to the AMOC Committee of Management in very many years. He encouraged all members to examine the detail and lodge their vote as the Club needed sound management desperately.

The final piece of business was the James Bond movie and dinner that Terry H had organised. The group were advised to get their menu selections into Terry H asap as he needed to advise the restaurant tomorrow. The dinner and movie was being held on Thursday the 18th and was a ‘black tie’ affair with a two course meal after which we will walk into the Wallis cinema and enjoy the movie that has already grossed over $700million!

The business over, we all enjoyed our food and wine for which the Barossa is justifiably famous. Terry H and Terry J, both drivers of 70s Astons made sure they chatted to Alan, former draughtsman at Aston Martin, who shared a few stories of his time working with David Brown and Tadek Marek. They both hope to have further opportunity to hear more of his time at the ‘spiritual home’ of Aston Martin.

After a very successful meeting, we all made our way home as the afternoon sun shone through the grey clouds.

75th anniversary of the Times advertisement for the High Class Motor Business

On October 1st 1946, a tiny, three line advertisement was posted in the Times newspaper, London.  It was headed ‘High Class Motor Business’ in the ‘For Sale’ section and this tiny advert changed the course of motoring history.

David Brown saw the ad and after a period of negotiation, he took ownership of the company in February 1947.  He invested a lot of money and energy into the company that could have become yet another British Car maker to ‘bite the dust’ in post war Britain.  Under his ownership, the company introduced new models, achieved significant racing success, especially at Le Mans in 1959, became James Bond’s favourite car and the initials DB became an integral part of the company’s car line-up.

It appears that the 75th anniversary of this sentinel event had been largely forgotten but South Australian Area Rep Terry Jones remembered.  He initially intended that the anniversary would be the focal point of the Opening Dinner for the Stately Affair that was planned for the October long weekend in the Barossa Valley.  Unfortunately, the event, that is an annual event held between South Australia and Victoria, had to be cancelled due to an outbreak of COVID-19 in Victoria.  It was too late to organise an alternative event and so he advised members they should celebrate the event in their own inimitable way and then take a photograph and provide a back story and enter it into a competition.  Terry  couldn’t decide between two entries and so both were declared equal winners.

Members Sally and Neville were presented with a framed copy of the page in the Times that contained the ad and members Andrew and Brenda were presented with a numbered bottle of limited edition Chardonnay that was made for Sir Stirling Moss by Tony Parkinson of Pennys Hill Winery.   Sally and Neville’s entry was of them holding a copy of the advertisement in front of their Aston Martin Vantage while Andrew and Brenda’s entry was of Grandad and Grandson looking in the engine bay of their Aston Martin vantage for any sign of ‘DB’ (see photos).

Area Rep, Terry presenting the numbered bottle of wine to Andrew and Brenda
Terry presenting a framed copy of the Times newspaper to member Sally for her entry









Members Sally and Neville with a copy of the advertisement that appeared in the Times on October 1st 1946 and their Aston Martin


Member Andrew with grandson searching in vain for a DB in their Vantage


Terry had an offering of his own that was not eligible for a prize due to him being the Area Rep and adjudicator.  Terry advised the assembled members at the October 24th run to the Pretoria Htel in Mannum that he had written a poem.  Terry cautioned members that this was his first poem and would likely be his last and members were generous in listening as he read it.  The poem appeared to be well received and most members actually applauded – see below for the poem.


Terry’s poem entitled ‘The three line advert that changed our lives’

On October the first in late 46

An ad appeared, it read like this

“High Class Motor Business” for sale

But of the marque, there was no detail


Many saw it and a few wrote in

The answer they got was ‘it’s ASTON MARTIN’

David Brown was but one, keen to see

A racer himself, he thought ‘It could be for me’


To Feltham he went to visit the factory

He thought the Atom, & staff most satisfactory

The engine was weak but he’d fix that later

By answering an ad in a later paper


But pay 30k? – not this man from up North

Huddersfield, where they know what money is worth

He offered twenty no more would he pay

His rivals vanished and Brown won the day


Brown set his sights on victory no less

In ‘59 at La Sarthe came his greatest success

The Ferrari’s broke down leaving Aston the prize

Shelby and Salvadori won Le Mans by miles


Aston was sold due to shortage of loot

The cars dropped ‘DB’ and bore ‘AM’ on their boot

DB was revived after two decades

By the new owner, Ford, thanks to Gauntlett and Hayes


Aged 89 in Monte, David Brown he did die

Went to the ‘High Class Motor Business’ lounge in the sky

But DB lives on in the names of our cars

Excepting the ones it doesn’t, of course


So DB describes our 2s to 11s

I suspect the Great Man himself admires them from heaven

He’s proud of the part he played in the story

Of James Bond, Will & Kate, and Le Mans glory


The High Class Motor Business goes on and on

Building cars in Wales, entering Formula One

Electric is next, not sure its for me

Without a V8 sounding ‘surly’


Seven decades later and the ad was forgot

Except those South Aussies, the colonial lot

They remembered the ad and raised a glass

And recalled those 3 lines from 75 years past

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