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June 2022 dinner meeting at Nonna and I

On a windy, cold, winter’s evening with frequent rain squalls, 14 brave members and partners of the SA Area of the AMOC met at Nonna and I – a highly regarded Italian restaurant in the Eastern suburbs – for the monthly dinner meeting. Given the weather and that several members were either interstate or overseas, this was not a bad turnout. Unfortunately, members Conrad and Jenni had to leave very shortly after arriving due to a family issue they were advised of via telephone. All members wished them well as they departed.

Chef Khalil was very accommodating when Area Rep Terry Jones had discussed the booking and both he and the waitress who served us were very welcoming and efficient throughout the evening. The name of the restaurant, the menu and availability of Italian wines all suggested the restaurant is VERY Italian and so it is interesting that neither Khalil nor our waitress were of Italian origin. The waitress was of Asian background and Chef Khalil was born in Alexandria, Egypt. Terry thought this a great reflection of the multi-cultural nature of Adelaide. Khalil did some of his schooling, including his initial cookery schooling in the USA and obtained an honours degree in European Culinary Arts in Lucerne before moving to Adelaide – a very International pedigree.

We were able to select from the whole, very extensive menu that included several vegan options that impressed Terry, though we assisted by advising our meal choices beforehand.

After orders were finalised, Area Rep, Terry Jones addressed the group. He started by thanking all for attending and then got onto the ‘business’. This included the EGM that is set for July 9th and he encouraged all to check the updated version of the Articles of Association that was available on the website ( He advised the members that, in his opinion, they were far from perfect, especially the clauses that relate to expelling members from the Club, but they were also very good, primarily in that they reduced the size of the Committee of Management to 10 – down from some 24. He advised this should make the Committee more efficient and professional. The webite also advised how to vote.

Terry next advised of the July meeting that was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first time Aston Martin competed in Grand Prix racing. He urged members to keep Sunday 17th July free as this was the date of our celebration though he also advised he was hopeful we would also have a black-tie celebration at Solitaire on the evening of Friday July 15th – the actual date of the 1922 GP race held in Strasbourg, France. He was waiting to hear more from Nicholas, local AM agent in the coming days.

Finally he reminded members of the Stately Affair that was to be held on the October long weekend (that actually started on Friday September 30th). He advised he would be making another announcement of a special occasion that had gone ‘under the radar’ just like the centenary of the start of GP racing and the 75th anniversary of the important advert in the Times newspaper that we celebrated last October. Terry advised he was disappointed in the Heritage Trust who’s job it was to note such events and to encourage members globally to celebrate them. As it was, we would likely be one of just a few Areas who will celebrate the event but this should justify the story being published in the Quarterly.

Terry advised members could book accommodation at the Barossa Novatel for the Stately Affair though this was not compulsory and indeed, Terry had booked in at a Tanunda B&B as he preferred to support local enterprises. He also cautioned against unnecessary mixing as the recently held Nationals event in Healseville Victoria resulted in several attendees catching COVID 19. He advised SA member Chris was one of those. Chris (who was with us at Nonna and I) advised that more than 50% of attendees at the Nationals contracted the viral disease.

Our meals arrived and conversation was reduced but restarted when we had finished. In addition to the excellent food, Terry also enjoyed a Montepulciano red wine but not one from Italy – he had a South Aussie one and it was very good though Terry thought it not as good as his favourite Shiraz.

Terry encouraged all to pay their bills before leaving as he didn’t want to pay and chase members up later. We finally wrapped up shortly after 9pm and headed home after a good evening that combined good food and wine and exceptional company.

It was only later that Terry realised he hadn’t taken any photos and therefore the story published on our webpage would be poorer for the want of visuals.

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