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Reoprt of the Stately Affair, Sept 30th – October 3rd 2022

The Stately Affair has finally come and gone for 2022. You will no doubt recall that the event was planned for LAST October long weekend but the rapidly increasing number of COVID cases in Victoria forced the closure of the borders at a time when SA had ZERO cases reported most days. It seems like a long time since we had zero COVID cases!

I ‘dusted off’ the plans from last year (including staying at the Lyndoch Hill hotel, Saturday evening at 1918 restaurant, Sunday morning Kegel bowls OR chocolate & wine pairing and finally, lunch at Saltram winery) and started confirming the details with the Vics and the venues. The Vics wanted to stay at the Novatel (arranged by Martin Farkas) and a Saturday morning run & lunch (arranged by Chris Barron) with the other events remaining the same.  Things came together slowly and the Vics left on Thursday to travel via the South-East to Adelaide.  Area Rep, Peter Saglietti took the ‘scenic route’, travelling via Lake Perkolilli in WA to race his 1939 Ford V8 special in the ‘Red Dust’ 2022 Special – a trip in excess of 5000km and he still has to get home!

On Friday night we had a ‘welcome’ dinner at the Novatel where, in my capacity as Area Rep of the host State, I gave the ‘welcome speech’. In the speech, I advised that this month, September, marked the 75th anniversary of the purchase of Lagonda Motors by David Brown and I thought this was worthy of a toast as it resulted in the acquisition of the 2.6litre, twin overhead cam engine designed by W O Bentley (the main reason for the purchase), a name change of the company and several models that were badged ‘Lagonda’, including the ‘wedge-shaped’ one, designed by the legendary William Towns. It was also an event that had gone mostly unnoticed as did the 75th anniversary of the 3-line advert in the Times newspaper last October and the 100th anniversary of the entry of AM into Grand Prix racing in July this year that we celebrated in SA. And so the toast was made to ‘Aston Martin – Lagonda’.

In the break between main course and dessert, Chris gave members the run sheets and details for the Saturday run and lunch (to Malcolm Creek winery, owned by AMOC members, Karsten & Bitten Pederson) that included the twisty Corkscrew Rd.  Following this, I was presented with an ‘Award of Merit’ from AMOC UK for my services as Area Rep over the last 4 years. When I was advised of the award earlier in the year, I was a little embarassed as I had just ‘done the job’ I thought, but it was a great honour to be recognised by the Directors of the Club in this way.  I was unable to go to the UK to receive the award in person and so it was brought back from the UK by Victorian member, Peter Yalden, who was there receiving an award himself (for the many stories he has had accepted by the AM Quarterly). I was expecting a certificate or other piece of paper and so I was pleasantly surprised to see the award took the form of an etched glass trophy that I am VERY happy to have sitting on the mantle-piece. As several know only too well, the role of Area Rep is frequently a thankless one (though it does have its moments when things go as they should and members express their appreciation) and the award made up for the times I have not enjoyed the role as much as I might have wanted.

I was unable to attend the Saturday run and lunch but I have been advised by several members that the run that was arranged by Chris Barron was excellent and lunch at Malcolm Creek was equally good. The run was approximately 130km long and there was a stop at the Kangaroo Creek Dam wall where 22 Aston Martins were lined up for a photo opportunity.  One of the Victorian members had a drone and I have glimpsed some of the aerial footage of the cars – it looks very good. I hope we shall get to see more after it is edited.  Lunch at Malcolm Creek was held outside under the trees but Chris advised me that the foliage was too thin and he (and others) got sunburn!  I shall post photos shortly.

Members eating at 1918. Great to see Mark and Lee Kirtland ‘back in action’


Victorian members including Peter Yalden (on right) and Darren & Nicole Loidl (on left)









Victorian Area Rep & UK Director, Peter Saglietti & Super Organiser Anne at 1918 restaurant
Victorian members Sara & David and Ian& Rosemary at 1918


David Tye (Carole just out of shot), Frank & Sue Grosser, Mary & Angelo & RDH at 1918


Guests staying at the Novatel were ferried to and from the 1918 restaurant on Saturday night by coach and 52 AMOC members/guests enjoyed a convivial dinner in the old house on the main street in Tanunda. The restaurant was very full and the modest size meant it was soon rather loud.  This made talking to other members a little difficult and I did notice the log fire was burning when it was definitely not needed  The members seated at the adjacent table advised they were rotating seats and it was like being ‘basted’ on a rotisserie!  It was an enjoyable event that came to an end at 10.30pm when the coach came to collect the members to transport them back to the Novatel.

On Sunday morning 15 members met at the Kegel Bowls Club venue located in the Sporting Ground, Tanunda. We were met by Graham from the Club who explained the rules (and especially the peculiar scoring system) to us. We formed into a Victorian team and a SA team and after a practice bowl each, competition began in earnest. In the end, and despite one our team (cheers Simon) putting two balls in the ‘gutter’ – called a ‘Pudel’ (and scoring MINUS one point each), the SA team won by a single point but the most important thing was that everybody enjoyed themselves – and we did. I did most of the re-setting of the pins and returning the ball via the long ‘gutter’ and I greatly appreciated it when Frank Grosser relieved me toward the end as it is hard on the back and dirty on the hands. I now have more respect for the machines that do this job!

Members bowling at the Kegel Bowling Club. The gutter on the right is to return the balls to the bowling end of the lane
Kegel bowling team ready for action











Its a long way to the pins (137 feet) in Kegel
Kegel scoring system. 1 point for each pin to 6 then add 6 more points for each extra pin. A gutter ball is called a Pudel and attracts MINUS 1. Leaving the front centre or back balls only standing attracts more points












We departed there and drove to Saltram where we had reserved parking and we ate in the old barrel cellar that we have used before. Because there were >50 of us, we needed 2 rows of tables and again, because the surfaces were sound-reflective, it got noisy at times. I said a few words of farewell to our Victorians and everyone agreed it had been a very successful Affair.


Beautiful cars in lovely sunshine parked outside an historic Barossa Valley winery – what a beautiful sight
Yet more beautiful cars parked in the shade of a lovely old gum tree at Saltram winery – what a lovely day!









There was one unfortunate note – only 2 members turned up at the Chocolate and Wine pairing when there should have been 9 and since we cancelled the event there last year, I have a lot of bridge-building to do with them I fear!

Some members left for home after the ‘long lunch’ at Saltram but others including most Vics were staying until Monday when they left for home, still with mild and dry weather.  It wont last though, rain is forecast for Tuesday!  The weather gods certainly shone on us for this Stately Affair.


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