Aston Martin Owners Club - South Australia

Report of meeting June 2021 at La Tombola

On a cool but dry winter’s evening, 27 members of our Area met at La Tombola Restaurant on Unley Rd to enjoy each other’s company, food and wine, and to  hear of ‘developments’.

We were very lucky to have in attendance our youngest member, James, with parents Mathew and Liz.  James is but a few months old (see pic) and he was VERY well behaved. James attracted a lot of attention from’ older’ members and many took the opportunity to say ‘hello’ up close – we all hope that he continues his ‘membership’ for decades to come.

Maatthew, Liz and our youngest member, James – all well behaved as is expected of AMOC members

After a welcoming drink we ordered our food and then Area Rep, Terry Jones, welcomed everyone, noting the very good turn-out for a mid week winter meet.  Terry reflected that we had been very fortunate in South Australia to have been almost unaffected by the COVID pandemic when most of the other Areas of our International Club had not fared as well and this was very evident from the AM News reports from around the world. He also noted that we were so fortunate to also have, on or doorstep, the lovely Adelaide Hills to drive through and many restaurants & wineries who made us so welcome.

He did however note that we were not immune to loss and that in the last 6months, we had lost two of our longest serving and most loved members in the form of Pam Dyson-Harvey and Phil Moore. We had said our collective farewells to Pam at an earlier meeting but this was the first time we had been together as a group since Phil had passed and Terry asked Chris Harris to say a few words about Phil’s life. Chris told us of their friendship and of Phil’s modesty despite being the Australian Sporting Car Champion back in the 70s. Everyone who met Phil noted on his ‘trademark’ smile, good humour, love of cars, food, wine and family. We drank a toast to Phil’s life and the impact he had left.

Terry then advised of upcoming events including the Stately Affair and advised that rooms were running out quickly (19 of the allotted 25 already taken) and he encouraged members thinking of attending to not delay in booking at the Lyndoch Hill Hotel. He also called for anyone interested in organising a run to ‘put their hands up’ as there were a few slots left in the year that he had yet to organise.

Finally Terry briefly advised members on the outcomes of the Resolution signed by all members present at the same meeting 12 months earlier and the AGM votes that we had lodged approximately 3 months earlier. Terry advised that our Australian Representative, Bill Griffiths had been reinstated as a member of the Committee of Management (CoM) to which there was much applause and that Peter Saglietti had been voted on the CoM also. He advised this was good news as Peter had been charged with reviewing of the Articles of Association that contained the offensive clause that allowed the CoM to expel any member from the Club at any time without giving the member an opportunity to defend themselves. Terry also advised the former Chairman had been voted out and that the new Chairman was Anthony Oade and this was also positive. Terry did note however there were some areas of concern including that 2 CoM members who had been voted off the CoM had been co-opted back onto it by Anthony and that the CoM had effectively increased in size to some 24 members, many/most of whom were not elected.

Members enjoying the good food, wine and conversation at La Tombola

Recognising that most members weren’t overly interested in the ‘politics’ of the Club and not wanting to spoil their evening further, Terry ended the discussion at that point but advised he was happy to answer any questions members might have on a 1 to 1 basis later.


More members enjoying the evening

The food and wine we received next was excellent and the conversation flowed freely. Through the large glass windows of the Restaurant we noticed the forecast heavy rain had arrived and that the view was now decidedly wintery. We departed for home at approximately 9pm

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